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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Mission of FMS is for all students to successfully learn to the best of their ability in an environment conducive to lifelong intellectual, social, and personal development

Vision Statement

The FMS Vision is that each student will demonstrate the following qualities:
  • Think Critically
  • Productive work ethic
  • Communicate effectively
  • Cooperative/collaborative learning
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Self-motivation
  • Intellectually Inquisitive
Evidence of Accomplishing vision:
  • Competency in content standards
  • Prepared for high school
  • Aware of college and career choices

Pierce Driessen Concert Photos

Pierce Driessen Concert

By: Michael Rodriguez & Diego Lara 

15 year old Pierce Driessen is an up and coming recording artist (developed and managed by Valerie Fahren) with high hopes of landing a record deal who debuted his “Classic” fall tour at our very own Foothill Middle School. Two concerts were given back to back during the advisory period on Friday, October 10th. Driessen wrote several of the songs he  performed live such as: “Start This Over,” “Bright Eyed Beauty” and “Classic.” He also performed a cover by an artist who inspires him, Justin Timberlake’s, “Summer Love.”

          After a brief run through in the FMS MPR before the show, Driessen chilled in the green room (AKA Rm 1) with fresh strawberries he brought from home in his “fridge”, a large cooler he regularly brings to shows.  He was accompanied by his dad, Mike Driessen, Valerie Fahren, his professional dancers, and several FMS leadership students.  He was relaxed, easy to talk to, very humble, and articulate.  Diego Lara, Mrs. Braaksma, and I sat down and interviewed Driessen. It did not take long to discover that he is the real deal.  He is more than talented, he is driven.

-And yes, he really is that cool.


Pierce Up Close

Q: How do you plan to inspire others?

A: “I want to keep energy up and show people how to live.” His song “Classic” has to do with living a smooth clean life because he believes he can show others that drugs are not the answer to problems. He added, I’m not going to come into a concert and say “Don’t do drugs.” I am going to live a clean classic life that shows drugs are not needed. I can be successful and happy without them. 

Discovering A Love of Performing

Q: What was your 1st performance?

A: Driessen has always wanted to perform in front of thousands of fans and began his signing career in musicals.  “I’ve never not wanted to perform in front of thousands of people.” His first big audition was at age five. Beating out several other hopefuls, he sang and acted as the lead role - an earthworm.  Driessen smiled in fond recollection and shared that he remembered looking around at the other contestants thinking he was not going to get the part - that the competition was pretty good. 

          Mike Driessen also recalled the moment he and his wife realized that their son was meant to be on stage.  “It was obvious, this is what he is supposed to do.”  He  explained further, “One of the keys to Pierce’s success is his strong education and strong interest to learn new things.  He’s very excited to be able to perform at Foothill Middle School and share his love of music and education.” He described him as having a hunger for learning.  A few years ago he got hold of the Harry Potter series and devoured them one after the other. 

Q: Do you have a say in what you wear when you perform and how you dance?

A: According to Driessen he is “still young” and therefore discovering his performance clothing and dance style. So, when it comes to producing quality music videos and live shows he is open to changing and trying new things.  With confidence he shared that if a producer comes in and says, “Hey, I have this idea I think it would be great if we did this... Then I say, Great! Lets do it!”

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: We also discovered that besides singing and songwriting he has a passion for playing the acoustic and the electric guitar.  He dabbles at piano but is most comfortable with the guitar.


The Concert


          The concert involved sending a message to students to stay well educated and follow your dreams. “After a four year hiatus S.E.A.P. is truly honored to bring our JAM Motivational Concert to Foothill Middle School with Pierce and KIIS -FM” -DeVoux Grant President, S.E.A.P. Grant introduced the KIIS-FM staff who co-hosted the show.  T-shirts were given away to students who could pull out progress reports with straight A’s and all students received promotional cards with the KISS request line phone number. Some students also received bracelets with the artists name on them.

           Constant screaming from the crowd filled the multipurpose room and beyond. Accompanied by professional dancers who added dimension to the show, Driessen won the crowds over when he jumped off the stage to sing and dance among them and then leapt back up on stage to finish on a high note. Several 6th grade girls held up signs they created on notebook paper proclaiming their love of the rising star.  One young fan had even gone on-line before the concert to learn the songs and was signing along during the show. A few of them gave their signs to Driessen as a keep sake who also stayed on to sign autographs after the second show.  The second show had even more energy than the first, students genuinely loved it.

Post Concert Hype


          KIIS’s famous host, Ryan Secrest gave a shout out to FMS on the morning show the following Monday and students were encouraged to call in to KIIS and request the song “Classic.”  Driessen told the audience if enough people request the song, they’ll play it on the radio.  Lorena Casimiro begged to call KIIS during the 7th period Journalism debrief  of the event and finally got through to the station to request “Classic.” Students were so thrilled with the performance they were actively seeking Mrs. Ostrowski after school to hug her in thanks for allowing S.E.A.P. to do the show. 

          After the show we asked student Daniel Reese, 7th grader, his thoughts about the event. “I think his music is very good and I liked how he used different songs in his music.” Girls clamored at the chance to obtain posters that were hung on the walls at the event.    


Pierce Driessen’s Hand Written Note of Thanks

“Hey guys, thank you so much for having me here, you were amazing and I loved the energy. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my Classic Tour.  It was great having your support. Continue to work hard and have your high energy and vitality.  That’s what I want for you.  Hope I can see you guys again sometime.” - Pierce Driessen


“Developing and producing talent like Pierce Driessen is very rewarding because he is so hard working, super talented, and he is at the door of superstardom.”                                                                            

-Valerie Fahren

Manager/Artist Development and Vocal Coach


Quick Facts


Birthday: Born on December 3, 1998 in the state of Florida, but later his family moved him to Los Angeles, California to help him pursue his career.

High School: Currently home-schooled  

Favorite Subject: History. At the FMS concert he gave an interview with KIIS staff members. “I love history because it’s reading and learning other people’s stories.  -And we can learn from them.”  








Principal Jane Ostrowski

Message from Principal
Jane Ostrowski

Welcome to Foothill, Home of the Trojans!  We pride ourselves on being a dedicated staff as we work together to provide a safe and caring learning environment for all students.  Our goal is to provide students with the skills they need both emotionally and intellectually to be successful in high school as well as be life-long learners.

We welcome parents and community members to be an active part of the Foothill Middle School community.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about our school.

Spelling Bee Champions

Foothill is sponsoring a school wide Spelling Bee.  The top 20 spellers will move on to compete in the "Foothill Spelling Bee" on Friday, February 21st at 3:00pm in the library. The winner of the Foothill Spelling Bee will go on to compete in the Azusa Middle Schools Spelling Bee that will be held on March 26, 2014 at 6:00pm, at Center Middle School.  The Champion will be recognized at a School Board meeting.

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