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Foothill Middle School has received a planning grant from California GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs). GEAR UP is a federally funded, state-administered program to create a self-sustaining college-going culture by working with whole schools through the adults that have the greatest impact in student life and experience: the principals, teachers, counselors, families and community leaders.


Through this funding and support, California GEAR-UP would provide services to assist Foothill in developing rigorous academic instruction, parent involvement in supporting aspirations of higher learning, and instruction in A-G college requirements and financial aid. Middle schools selected by GEAR UP receive a five-year grant totaling up to $7500 to fund professional development activities unique to each school’s staff needs. 




Our School

Our School General Information

At Foothill, students are challenged to grow in an atmosphere of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  Student achievement is our focus.  Our staff is dedicated to working with all students to promote academic success.

Sixth grade students ease into secondary education at Foothill.  The transition is smooth with the help of teams of staff members working together to help students adjust to middle school.  Sixth grade students are provided with an interdisciplinary core academic program.  All Sixth Grade Students participate in P.E. and to broaden student experience, electives in music appreciation, band, orchestra, fine arts, AVID, math and reading are available.

Seventh and eighth grade students participate in a traditional secondary core curricular program in science, math, language arts, and social studies.  Foothill’s current mathematics curriculum of Math 7 and Math 8 is designed to prepare students to take Algebra 1 in High School.  All students participate in P.E. and may take the following electives:  AVID, Band, Orchestra, Art, Music Appreciation, Spanish 1, Spanish for Native Speakers, Leadership, and reading intervention.

Foothill honors student success through Student of the Month and Renaissance recognition.  Students’ names are posted on the school marquis for all to celebrate.  The Renaissance program rewards academic achievement according to grade point average.  Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze card holders enjoy on-going school privileges which include: first in line passes, treats, social activities, community discounts, and a year-end trip to an amusement park.

The cooperation and caring of staff and parents for the total academic, social, and emotional well-being of students makes Foothill a successful place to transition from elementary to high school.