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Welcome to Foothill Middle School's Staff Directory.  Here you will find information about your teacher that includes: University attended, Bachelor's Degree information, and email address.


Staff Member College Attended Bachelors Degree Awarded Email Address
Michael Adam Fresno Pacific University      B.A. Vocal Music   madam@azusa.org
Andrew Alvarez Cal Poly Pomona      B.A. History aalvarez@azusa.org
Kris Arellanes University of LaVerne      B.S. Kinesiology karellanes@azusa.org
Tim Bazyouros Cal Poly Pomona      B.A. Liberal Studies tbazyouros@azusa.org
Griselda Berry University of La Verne      B.A. Liberal Studies gberry@azusa.org
Christy Calderon CS Los Angeles      B.A. Liberal Studies ccalderon@azusa.org
Norma Canche CS Long Beach      B.A. Chicano/Latino Studies ncanche@azusa.org
Justin Comstock     jcomstock@azusa.org
Christian DesMarets University of La Verne      B.A. Liberal Studies cdesmarets@azusa.org
Maribel Gonzalez CS Fullerton      B.S. Child and Adolescent Studies mgonzalez@azusa.org
Marlene Gonzalez         mgonzalez4@azusa.org
Alice Huelskamp Kansas State University      B.A. Fine Arts ahuelskamp@azusa.org
Joona Ko Pitzer College      B.A. English and World Literature jko@azusa.org
Frieda Labrado Pacific Oaks College      B.A. Human Development flabrado@azusa.org
Guadalupe Munoz     gmunoz@azusa.org
Jacqueline Najera CS Fullerton      B.S. Communications Disorders jnajera@azusa.org
Robert Ramos CS Fullerton      B.A. Art - Drawing and Painting rramos@azusa.org
John Rico Cal Poly Pomona      B.S. Liberal Studies jrico@azusa.org
Carlos Rios-Rodriguez CS Fullerton      B.A. Communications in Advertising and Minor in Music criosrodriguez@azusa.org
Cristina Rivas UC Santa Barbara      B.A. Environmental Studies and Minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies crivas@azusa.org
Sonja Rotramel     srotramel@azusa.org
Susan Santana Azusa Pacific University      B.A. Liberal Studies    ssantana@azusa.org
Matt Snyder Cal Poly Pomona      B.A. History msnyder@azusa.org
Dan Sojka Azusa Pacific University      B.A. Communication Studies dsojka@azusa.org
Dave Swatek Chapman College      B.A. Movement and Exercise dswatek@azusa.org
Diana Thornton Azusa Pacific University      B.A. Liberal Studies dthornton@azusa.org
Tara Trujillo CS Long Beach      B.A. Psychology ttrujillo1@azusa.org
Lisa Woods Cal Poly SLO      B.S. Biological Science lwoods@azusa.org